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Liam Gallagher On Pretty Green, Manchester City And Working With Jay-Z

As promised, we have another exclusive here on!

Friend of the site Liam Gallagher granted us a few precious minutes to discuss the new Pretty Green line coming out this month.

Liam was in good form, though he kept his cards close to his chest on the subject of his new band, he let us in on his plans for Pretty Green, what happened at the Brits and who's on his transfer wish list for Man City this summer.

Myself: One thing that I'm amazed by is that everything with Pretty Green has happened so fast. In less then a year from the first ideas, you are about to release another collection. Have you been surprised how quickly things have moved?

Liam: No, we don’t fuck about.

Myself: The range has been well received, has that surprised you?

Liam: It does surprise me considering I’ve got something to do with it, there are a lot of people who try to kill things before they even become alive.

Myself: What are the stand out items from the forthcoming range?

Liam: The camouflage parka, stands out to me personally and the button down shirts.

Myself: What's the feedback been like from fans who have ordered items from the range?

Liam: They all comment on the quality and the fit of the clothes.

Myself: Are there any specific items from the range that customers are asking for more of?

Liam: A lot of girls are asking if we will be doing a range for them, and the answer to that is YES once we have got rid of all the lads stuff.

Myself: Do you still have a big involvement with the designing of the clothes and all the materials used?

Liam: Of course 100%.

Myself: You spoke to me in Cardiff last year about bringing out accessories like sunglasses, belts etc are these still being planned?

Liam: Yes we will be adding to the range, ie accessories.

Myself: Are there any plans to bring out accessories on the female range of Pretty Green? Personally I would definitely buy a Pretty Green Handbag?

Liam: Are you taking the piss? Handbags!!! course we are!

(I somehow think Liam was joking on this one)

Myself: You are releasing the Desert Boots later this year in a joint venture with Clarks, what did they think to the suttle changes you made to such a classic boot?

Liam: They were over the moon.

Myself: Are there any other joint ventures in the pipeline you can tell us about?

Liam: Theres lots but I cant tell you about them at the moment.

Myself: Are there still plans for a flagship Pretty Green store?

Liam: At the moment, we are looking in Manchester, London, Glasgow and Tokyo.

Myself: It's been rumoured that you plan to visit more countries to promote the upcoming range. Are these still going ahead? and can you tell us any of the countries you plan to visit?

Liam: We have just got back from Japan, and will be heading to New York this month and Europe after that.

Myself: How do you decide which designs to offer to stores? And the ones to sell exclusively on the Pretty Green website?

Liam: We sit down and talk about it, but always want to keep certain pieces back for the people who are members of Pretty Green like the green desert boot. That’s only available online.

Myself: You gave Paul Weller one of the limited edition Black Parka jackets, Has he given you any feedback on it?

Liam: He loved it, we also gave him a white one but were still waiting for the cheque in the post.

Myself: How has your website grown? Are you seeing more people purchasing online now than before?

Liam: Yeah, its growing all the time.

Myself: When will the new collection be shown to fans around the world?

Liam: March 22nd on our site.

Myself: What were the best selling items from the launch collection?

Liam: We sold out of everything.

Myself: Why didn’t you mention Noel in your speech at the Brits?

Liam: I'm sick of it all being about me and Noel, the last couple of months has pretty much been all about me and him so I thought it was only right to mention the other lads who played on the album and the best fans in the world.

Myself: What was the reason behind you throwing the Oasis award into the crowd at the Brits?

Liam: I thought it was a nice Gesture to give this to the fans, obviously it was misinterpreted as per usual.

How are the plans for the new band coming along, do you still plan to put out a album and tour this year?

Liam: Its all going really good.

Have you decided on a name for the band yet?

Liam: Not yet.

Do you have any song titles that you can tell us about?

Liam: No.

Will you play any Oasis songs when you eventually tour? Or will it all be new material?

Liam: Too fucking right! Don’t Look Back In Anger in acapella.

Roger Daltrey said in an interview that he had contacted you for the TCT but you were otherwise engaged, can we expect to see you and your new band at the Teenage Cancer Trust next year?

Liam: Without a doubt Teenage Cancer Trust is a charity close to my heart, Oasis played it a couple times and I'd like to think we can carry this on with the new band.

Do you think Manchester City can now grab a Champions League place, after the convincing win against Chelsea?

Liam: Without a doubt!

What two players would you like to see sign for City in the summer?

Liam: There’s a young lad called Harry Grant who plays for Swindon and Mario Belatelli who plays for Inter Milan.

Do you think England can win the World Cup?

Liam: Yeah!

You have worked with The Prodigy and Death in Vegas would you ever work with the Gorrilaz?

Liam: I've been told many times never to work with animals, far too dangerous.

Jay-Z said in a interview earlier this year that he would love to work with you? would you ever do something like that?

Liam: If the tunes right and its not too far out of my comfort zone, then yeah, fucking right!

Thanks to Liam for taking the time to answer the questions, the new collection from Pretty Green will go on sale on from March 22nd.


Anonymous said...

Good read well done :)

Filip said...

thanks, great stuff!

The Wanderings said...

Nice interview. I tweeted it for you too on

Anonymous said...

Speaking for myself, I'm bored to death with Liam and Pretty Green. I wouldn't pay for the stuff even if I could afford it. Has Liam given up entirely on music? Coz he never seems to want to talk much about any specific plans.

Reezkee said...

Never work with animals. I'm gonna remember that :D

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog from the NME story. Do you have a facebook page?

Live Forever,

I ♥ cupcakes to distraction said...

Cheers ears :) Great interview & of course MCFC can grab a Champions League place,even after a draw @ Sunderland,shuffles nervously LOL. Same old City LOL. I'll be there as usual freezing my ass off in the East stand cheering em on :)

Rachel-Louise :)

kris said...

Liam's never given much credit for having any brains - but he's launched a highly successful clothing range - not just by slapping his name on someone else's stuff - but by doing it his way.

Same for the Brits. I thought it was nice he remembered the original band-members and paid tribute to the fans. It's the press, not the punters who thinks he's got a problem. Well, Noel thinks he's got a problem, but N doesn't realise we want the edge.

I seriously doubt liam's music days are over - he's definitely still got it.

Anonymous said...

good sh!t i love this website said...

I dont use facebook sorry, thanks for the comments :)

Harry Grant is an up and coming unknown player who currently plays for Swindon Youth team, there has been a lot of interest from Uk and International teams regarding him...