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Oasis 'Time Flies 1994 - 2009' Artwork

Disc 1

Roll With It
Live Forever
Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Cigarettes & Alcohol
Don't Look Back In Anger
The Hindu Times
Stand By Me
Lord Don't Slow Me Down
All Around The World

Disc 2

Some Might Say
The Importance Of Being Idle
D' You Know What I Mean?
Let There Be Love
Go Let It Out
Who Feels Love?
Little By Little
The Shock Of The Lightning
She Is Love
I'm Outta Time
Falling Down

Disc 3 - CD of the last ever recorded Oasis live show from The Roundhouse in London on 21st July 2009:

Rock 'n' Roll Star
Shock Of The Lightning
Cigarettes & Alcohol
Roll With It
The Masterplan
Slide Away
Morning Glory
Half The World Away
I'm Outta Time
Live Forever
Don't Look Back In Anger
Champagne Supernova

3 CDs and DVD comes in wallets in a clampshell box with booklet.

DVD featuring all the UK promo videos with track by track audio commentary by the band, plus previously unreleased International videos.


Anonymous said...

when will it be released in canada and the states?

Shakermaker42 said...

If this is the real artwork then i really like it, reminds me of the kind of artwork they used in their early days. said...

It's being used online by a number of retailers :)

Captain Slow said...

Come on!

Why did they give us a show we already have?

We want Slane Castle (in DVD) or something new!

Why? Why do they always do the same?

There's nothing new for "the best fucking fans in the world"??

That's sad. I mean, Im gonna buy it but... fucking Oasis.

We deserve more.

Unknown said...

the artwork is okay ... i could have done a better one :P ....

Unknown said...

erm.......where is Sunday Morning Call???

Dom said...

No Sunday Morning Call?

And iTunes was not the "last ever recorded Oasis live show" because they played the Fuji Rock festival 3 days later, part of which was broadcast on Japanese TV.

I can't help feeling this is another April Fools joke.

Joakim said...

The only thing that keeps me from thinking this is a April Fool's joke is that they have made a competition related to it as well.

But I wish the title was an April Fool's joke! It's terrible!

But how come has so much info about it when it's not properly announced officially on oasisinet?

Anonymous said...

I like the artwork, it's like the one on There & Then. Plus it's appropriate as Knebworth was the biggest fucking gig ever and Oasis's peak. In fact why don't they release it as a live album? Would they owe Bonehead and Guigs royalties?

Oh yeah, did I mention that I won't be buying it?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Jill Furmanovsky shot