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On This Day In Oasis History...

Stop The Clocks is an EP by British rock band Oasis and was released on November 13th 2006.

The EP is a "preview" of the band's compilation collection, also called Stop the Clocks. The EP is led by "Acquiesce", and book-ended by "The Masterplan", one of the B-sides to the "Wonderwall" single released in October 1995. Also included on the EP is the demo of "Cigarettes & Alcohol" and a live version of "Some Might Say" from 1995.

The EP does not contain the song of the same name, and is available only as a one-off collectors edition CD and Double gatefold 7” including an exclusive sheet of stickers. As there are over two B-sides, the EP was not be eligible for inclusion in the UK Singles Chart. Had it been eligible it would have charted at #5 with 20,858 copies sold.

Track listing

CD RKIDSCD 37, 2 X 7" RKID 37

"Acquiesce" – 4:29
"Cigarettes & Alcohol" (demo) - 4:38
"Some Might Say" (live in '95, venue unknown) - 5:15
"The Masterplan" – 5:22
The EP's notes say that the location of the live recording of "Some Might Say" is unknown. However, analysis of bootlegs have shown that the location was the Club Citta in Tokyo, Japan on 22nd August, 1995.

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