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Noel Gallagher On His Secret New Project, New Album And More

Notes taken by two lucky people who went to Noel Gallagher's interview and acoustic performance with John Wilson for BBC Radio 4's Mastertapes series.

I think the most potentially exciting thing was Noel let slip about a separate project he's doing he quickly back tracked as obviously shouldn't have said something.

He said he's got ten songs backing track recorded but only two lines of lyrics as he's struggling as he's not emotionally attached to the project, (he thinks they are amazing as instrumentals). John Wilson asked if was a soundtrack and he said no it will be an album.

Also the 'AKA.. What A Life' lyric came from when Noel was sleepwalking. Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno asked if he was still sleepwalking, Noel said yes and Serge said... What A Life!

John asked him what his plan was for the future after 'Chasing Yesterday' and he said his plan was not to take a long break.

He's got loads of songs left over from Oasis era.

He said most of the songs 'on the internet' that have yet to be released will probably never get recorded as he constantly writing newer songs.

'AKA... What A Life' and 'If I Had A Gun' would've been Oasis songs

The solo in 'Riverman' is very good and performed by Paul Stacey and very reminiscent of David Crosby.

John Wilson picked out 'The Right Stuff' as his stand out track (it was unprompted and he just came out with his like for the track).

Thanks to jaq515

'The Right Stuff' is left over from the Amorphous Androgynous album, perhaps why it's more 'out there' as the interviewer described it.

Apparently a cracking solo on 'Riverman'.

Noel's written an entire album of instrumentals that he hasn't yet been able to put words to for a 'side project.' The interviewer asked if it was for a movie soundtrack to which he said it wasn't and it will be an album if he can put write the lyrics for it. Was all rather odd and intriguing.

Thanks to willd255

Check out videos from yesterdays acoustic set here.

Check out the current collection and offers from Pretty Green here. John Wilson picked out the right stuff as his stand out track (ie was unpromted and he just came out with his like for it? If that makes sense)

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