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Noel Gallagher On 'Holy Mountain'

Speaking to Radio X yesterday Noel Gallagher talked about 'Holy Mountain' that appears on 'Who Built The Moon?'

He said “Of all the things that I’ve read, the one thing that was never played to me in the studio was Ricky Martin. She Bangs. There’s the phrasing of the word She, that’s it! I understand people have got mundane jobs and they’ve got nothing better to do, commenting on stuff. It’s got a bit of Diamond Dogs in there, some Roxy Music doing Canned Heat, it’s got The Ice Cream, it’s got Plastic Bertrand. But when you’re making up stuff in the studio, and the clock’s ticking… it’s a way of working that I thought I’d never be into. This is pure expression, this is not thinking at all. It’s David jumping out of his chair, saying Do that again! It’s a real collaboration. He’s all about vibe, and I’m all about the songs, it was him going out there and me pulling it back, it’s a combination of both our styles.”


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