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Liam Gallagher On Ray Davies, Noel, Kasabian, Paul Weller And More

The interviewer from Q told Liam Gallagher that Ray Davies from 'The Kinks' walked out of them at the 'Cafe Rouge' in London were this part of the interview is taking place

Liam "I see Ray Davies around sometimes, sometimes he says hello, sometimes he blanks me, I don't mind being blanked by Ray Davies."

Liam Gallagher puts the warmth his comeback received down to two main things: being out of the limelight for four years and returning with a strong collection of songs.

On working with songwriters and quotes he's interpreted as digs from Paul Weller and Serge Pizzorno as digs. 

Liam: "I've been singing other people's lyrics my whole life and I own them. Once I get hold of them, I make them something else, like Elvis."

Liam thinks Noel, Weller and Kasabian are unnerved by him invading their space and taking money off their plate.

He said "There's been a smoke bomb gone off, and everyone's been blinded by what's gone down and the smoke's cleared and yours fucking truly is in the middle going, 'Come on, you cunts.'

At the day after the Q Interview when asked if Liam Gallagher's tweet about a truce with Noel was true.

His Girlfriend Debbie Gwyther is quoted by Q via email saying "It was Liam having too many Guinnesses, I'm holding you* responsible for the mayhem it caused".

*You as in the reporter for Q as they had been drinking for seven hours after Liam Gallagher had suggested a quick one.

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