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Noel Gallagher On That 'Irish Times' Review Of 'Who Built The Moon?'

Noel Gallagher was asked by the current issue of the Australian 'Rolling Stone' "Are you happy with how 'Who Built the Moon?' has been received? it hit number one in the charts."

He said "It's Had more four-star reviews than any other record I've ever done. But my favourite is one appalling review in the Irish Times, which is so bad that we decided to put it on the TV ad for the album. I don't really read reviews, but this one was bought to my attention and it's particularly fucking bad, it's brutal. It gets quite funny towards the end where you're just thinking, "Wow, why is this dude even bothered to give it one star? Why not just give it none?" I had to ask around and say, "Have I slept with this guy's Wife? Am I fingering his daughter? What is the problem here?" But apparently he's a stranger to us all so he's clearly a fan of Liam maybe, I don't know".

Following the album’s release, a review by The Irish Times described Noel’s record as “a dried up oasis of dross”, giving the record one star out of five.

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