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Noel Gallagher On Oasis' Domination Of Radio X's 'Best Of British' Vote

Oasis' Live Forever has won Radio X's 'Best Of British'. The band dominated the Top 100 with 16 entries three more than last year, and more than any other act.

Speaking about their win, Noel Gallagher said: "I have always tried to aim higher than I think is possible. Some people try to be bigger or better than their contemporaries or their predecessors. Me? I’m just trying to be better than myself which as we now know is virtually impossible.

“Radio X listeners YOU are the wind beneath my wings… YOU are the perfectly heated water in the swimming pool of my third home... the loose change down the back of my Gorilla skin sofa… The perfectly rolled Cuban cigar in my solid gold cigar case. You are also sadly THE MOST nostalgic demographic on earth. Saying that… My children and my children’s children’s children will quaff in your general direction for many years to come. I salute you.”

01. Live Forever
03. Don't Look Back in Anger
06.  Wonderwall
07. Slide Away
09. Champagne Supernova
26. Supersonic
30. The Masterplan
38. Cigarettes & Alcohol
40. Rock 'N' Roll Star
47. Morning Glory
54. Some Might Say
56. Whatever
57. Acquiesce
72. Half The World Away
91. Talk Tonight
94. Cast No Shadow

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