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Noel Gallagher: "I Don’t Need Vindication For Leaving Oasis"

Noel Gallagher has said his 2018 Mercury Prize nomination as a solo artist has not vindicated his decision to leave the band.

On leaving Oasis, Gallagher said: “I don’t need vindication for that.

“The three records that I’ve made were the best records I could have made at that point. This is just another sign post.

“Award ceremonies are great. Being nominated for this that and the other is fantastic.

“You don’t want to do them down because they do mean something.

“But if I don’t win, and I probably won’t, the album is still a great album because I say it is. And that’s it.

“When I come out of the studio with the finished thing for you lot to listen to, I think it’s amazing.

“Nothing will change that. The fact that I haven’t been nominated for 30 years doesn’t mean I haven’t loved every record that I have made.”

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