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Ocean Colour Scene's Simon Fowler On Oasis & Paul Weller

Simon Fowler says Noel Gallagher has him and Ocean Colour Scene to thank for his friendship with Paul Weller.

He told BANG Showbiz "I met Noel at a video shoot in Oxford, then they were playing at our local pub in Birmingham so I went along to see them and that's the first time I met Liam and then we got Noel together with Paul and I remember that within a fortnight Noel was wearing penny loafers instead of trainers and Liam got his nose put out of joint and started calling him, 'Weller fella!' Which is funny because Liam has now ended up running Pretty Green. So he's a 'Weller fella' too now. But Noel and Paul have been friends ever since, at one point they both lived in Maida Vale in London and they could see each other from their kitchen windows."

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