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Richard Ashcroft: I’m The Only Act That Can Support Oasis

Richard Ashcroft has been speaking to Radio X that the quality of his songs makes him the only possible support act for Oasis… and he told them so!

He said  “I’m very lucky that I can walk on the stage before anyone in the world. And that’s the thing: you’ve got to be pretty confident to go on after me. You’ve got to have the artillery, as I call it. and the artillery is your songs.

“If you’ve got 50,000 people and they’re getting further and further inebriated and they want some fucking tunes, you’d better be delivering.”

“I used to get that with Oasis, I’ve supported Oasis on my own. I’ve said that to them, I reckon I’m the only solo male artist in the world that can walk on before Oasis. And be in the spirit of it and also not shrink in those moments, but drink it in and embrace it.

“They know that, because we all have a similar audience. I understand what it’s like to love a band and be passionate and make your way to the front.”

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