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Noel Gallagher Hopes To Release His Next Album Next Year

Noel Gallagher has said he's been recording at Abbey Road Studios in London in recent weeks and that he would continue work on the follow up to 'Who Built The Moon?' with David Holmes after his current tour ends.

When asked about the sound of the songs written so far he said "70s disco" and "like the beginning of the world".

He added that he hopes to release the album next year.

Some other quotes from last nights Q&A are below.

“No one’s ever going to make an interesting album about being a rockstar living on Primrose Hill,”

“There’s only so many times you can write a song about the rain or use the word ‘shine’, and I’ve got away with it a fucking shitload. I’ve used the chords from ‘Wonderwall’ six times, and let me tell you – it’s not drying up yet.”

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