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Noel Gallagher On The X Factor, Liam, Recording New Material And More

Noel Gallagher speaking to the Daily Star yesterday evening about the X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. “I don’t watch more much TV. I don’t watch X Factor anymore, it’s f***ing boring. It’s not because of Robbie though, but I think Strictly is offensive.”

Speaking to the Press Association yesterday on recording his new material,

"I’ve already been in the studio, I was in fucking Abbey Road for two weeks, and I walked past that zebra crossing every day to get recognised. Tourists were walking across barefoot. Still no-one stopped. I got stopped once by a black cab driver who went past and went ‘all right Liam?"

Speaking to the Press Association yesterday on how he’s enjoying making music more than ever.

“When you’re young it’s all in front of you. Now with a bit of time behind me, it feels different. How many records are you going to make? When you are in the studio you have to give it your all. I love it. I love it now more than I ever have before.”

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