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Noel Gallagher On Oasis, Plans For 2019 And Being Nominated For A Mercury Prize

A few bits from Noel Gallagher's interview from the new issue of Q.

On what his outstanding contribution to music is.

"Oasis. Definitely Maybe. I'm not so far up my own arse that I don't recognise that what we did in the first half of the 90s will forever be a touchstone for generations to come".

On his plans for 2019.

"I start with David Holmes in January but I've been in the studio independently because David doesn't allow me to write on my own. I was in Abbey Road for a couple of weeks. It's good being on your own. I'm a middle child. I'm naturally a loner."

On did he rate his chances of winning a Mercury Prize for 'Who Built The Moon?'.

"No, not at all. it was fucking great to be nominated. I was in South Korea when I got the phone call and I was like. "Are you sure! Are you sure they've not got that wrong" it was a good night.

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