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Liam Gallagher Calls On The UK Government To Outlaw Hunting Trophies

Liam Gallagher and others have signed an open letter calling for an urgent import ban on the UK Government to outlaw hunting trophies.

The Campaign To Ban Trophy Hunting says that over the last decade 2,500 trophies with many of those animals on the endangered species list have ended up in the UK.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs says trophies can only be brought into the country under strict rules, explaining:  “The Government will not issue an import permit for a trophy unless the importer can show there has been no detrimental impact on endangered species and the trophy has been obtained from a sustainable hunting operation.”

Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting founder Eduardo Gonçalves says Britain’s reputation as a world leader in animal welfare and conservation is threatened by the way hunters are allowed to bring home trophies from some of the most endangered species. He said: “If it wants to rebuild its reputation, it should act now to help bring about a global ban on trophy hunting.

“Scientists are saying that trophy hunting is directly contributing to endangered wildlife being pushed to the brink of extinction. Lions, elephants and leopards are among those species particularly affected. We may have very little time left to save them.”

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