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Noel Gallagher Says Oasis Would Probably Still Be Together If They Hadn't Split Up In Paris

Noel Gallagher thinks Oasis might have still been around today if they had played their cancelled appearance at a Paris festival in August 2009.

When asked if that planned gig would have ahead whether they might still be together, he said: “Yeah, probably, if we had done that gig we would have had a year off. At the end of a tour usually everyone would leave the band and then you would have six months off and someone would say ‘are we doing anything?’ So we just leave for a bit.

He added "I enjoyed it the same all the way to the end. There was never a point in Oasis where we were all getting on. Never. I joined last and even on the first day I remember thinking ‘He’s a fucking idiot’. When the music wasn’t enough was when I said, ‘I am out, see you later’.”

In a interview with Dermot O’Leary looking back on his career, he also admitted he misses Top Of The Pops and regularly watches the repeats.

He says: “I do miss Top of the Pops. I’ve sat in many a Friday night having a drink and what have you, watching Top of the Pops. They’re amazing, you get like Bananarama followed by Bauhaus followed by some novelty record by a stuffed giraffe followed by The Smiths. It reminds me of youth, it is the one time I get nostalgic I suppose.”

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