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Song Titles, Lyrics And More From Liam Gallagher's 'Why Me? Why Not'

Liam Gallagher has spoken to the new issue of Q about tracks on his new album, here are a few notes from the article.

The album was going to be originally called 'Omnipresent'

'Be Still'

A classic style Oasis rocker to get the first 10 rows of a hall bouncing before they know the lyrics.


Starts of with a piano, the person writing the article thinks it sounds like Imagine, Liam thinks it sounds closer to the Faces or Pink Floyd. "It's a fucking tune, one of the best songs I've ever sung".

'One Of Us'

Lyrics "Act like you don't remember/You said we'd Live Forever/You were always one of us."

This was the track that Gene was pictured on Bongos.

Liam on Gene playing on the song "first time he's ever done it, come on tap tap tap. he got the groove in one take".

The song ends with a gospel choir.

'Why Me? Why Not' 

Lyrics "Why Me/Why not/This time, I'm coming ready or not/I'm so low/I'm so high/I'm tight-lipped/I'm Jedi"

He the song has got a bit of a Come Together vibe - "It's all been done before. I'm not down on myself! I just want to be humble because I always want to be better."

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