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Everyone Going To See Liam Gallagher In Hull On Saturday Will Be Asked For Their Mobile Phones

Those of you lucky enough to have got tickets for Liam Gallagher gig at Hull City Hall on Saturday will not be allowed to use their phones.

Anyone wanting to film or take pictures from the gig will not be allowed, all phones will be taken from ticket holders as soon as you enter the venue.

MTV have released a statement saying: “All phones will be taken from you at the beginning of the night and returned to you at the end”.

As well as phones being confiscated, there is expected to be bag and body searches upon entry to the venue, with guests advised to only bring essentials to the event.

Banned items include recording equipment, electronic cigarettes, or any item which may be considered to cause danger or disruption to the event or other audience members.

Anyone refusing a security search will not be allowed into the venue and will not receive a refund.

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