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Robbie Williams Claims He Would Knock Out Liam Gallagher In Three Rounds

Robbie William v Liam Gallager round 23424

Taken from an interview with Robbie Williams for GQ, read the full interview here.

Did you feel a pressure to be cool, even while hanging out with the likes of Liam Gallagher at Glastonbury in 1995?

I was ostracised by the tribe. That's what it felt like back then with some people.

Did you care that they didn't seem to want you in their cool, indie rock'n'roll gang?

Listen, I'm from Stoke. And if somebody looks at you disdainfully in the pub, you're either fighting or you're running away from that lunatic. It's one of the two and 98 per cent of these people I didn't need to run away from. I wanted to fight them. But, you know, it's a bit...

You get older and wiser?

Oh, no. They remain on "The List" today. I'm an enemy for life. I'm enemy for life! I'm a lifer. Yeah, that thing you did in the Groucho in 95? I’ll get you back for that. OK? It's 2019, but eventually I'll get you back.

Is Liam Gallagher on The List?

Is Liam on The List? Yeah, Liam's on The List. Yeah. And it's a long fucking list, you know? When you go to a certain place for recovering alcoholics you have to write down a list of resentments. Mine was like fucking War And Peace...

Sorry, I'm not laughing out of disrespect...

No, its fine. I mean, it is funny. It is. It is funny... Funny and sad. But that's comedy isn't it? Tragedy plus time. Do you know who I was watching on the internet the other day? Gavin McInnes. And he was like, "Oh, if you cross me you've got an enemy for life." And I was like, "He's so at home with that! That's me." Yes, you've got a fucking enemy for life. And somebody is going to get a head butt out of the fucking blue and not have a fucking clue why. And that's that.

So maybe that long-touted fight with Liam Gallagher that began at The Brits in 2000 might actually happen eventually?

Oh, yes please. I'd love it. But I'd want it to be a professional fight.

Still "Liam 100 grand your money, 100 grand of my money..." as you asked for at The Brits?

No, no, because I've just seen how much KSI and Logan Paul made from their fight and I think we could trounce that. But, yeah, I think last time in the noughties Liam wanted to go down to an abandoned railway track or something. I don't want to do that. It's got to be fucking whistles and bells if it happens.. You see the likes of Nigel Benn coming back – and they're professional boxers; I do know that – and George Foreman and all of these people and they're oldies and professional boxers. But, yeah, Liam and I would be a wonderful thing.

So who would win?

Well, I'm in good nick. I've been boxing and sparring. So let's just say I'd be more than happy to get in the ring with him. More than happy. Let’s be having you. And obviously I'd win. Not on points, no. He'd go down in the third round I reckon. And we’d have to get a proper licence as we don’t want to be wearing any head protection. Knock out. Third round. Nighty night. Yep.

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