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Fan 'Scarred For Life' After Flare Thrown During Liam Gallagher's Concert In Sheffield

A concertgoer has reportedly been left scarred for life after a flare thrown during Liam Gallagher’s gig at Sheffield’s FlyDSA Arena set her clothes alight.

The victim’s brother has appealed for help to catch those responsible, who he claimed ‘could have taken my sister away from me and my family’.

In a Facebook post Leon Andrew wrote: “Anyone who has information on the scumbag who decided to light a flare and throw it into the crowd and set my sister on fire I want his name or information on him because he needs to pay for what he has done. You could have taken my sister away from me and my family tonight.”

In a later post, he described how the flare hit his sister and ‘seriously burnt her body and set fire to her clothes’.

He added: “I want justice for the pain they have caused my sister because she will now have scars for the rest of her life.”

South Yorkshire Police is investigating the incident.

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