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Liam Gallagher On What Noel Gallagher Track And More He Would Have On His Jukebox

Liam Gallagher has told the new issue of MOJO what tracks he would have on his jukebox, he picked tracks from the Bee Gees, Sex Pistols, Oasis and his brother Noel.

An extract from the current issue of MOJO.

What would be on Liam’s jukebox?

The Roses, the Mondays,the Stones. All the classics, man. Bee Gees – there’s a tune, Horizontal I think it was on, or Idea... (sings) “Where would I be without my woman? ” Lonely Days! [Actually from 2 Years On, 1970] Yeah, they're mega. Who else? Neil Young. Sex Pistols - Bodies. The beginning of Bodies has never been beaten. I’ve met Johnny Rotten a few times. A cocky fucker. He was alright, then he was a cunt, then he was alright then he was a bit of a cunt. I'd actually have preferred it if he was just a cunt!  what’s this‘all right business?

An Oasis song?

Hmm. I always loved Live Forever, Champagne Supernova, got a soft spot for Supersonic,’cos it was the first one and it still sounds pretty good. Some of it hasn’t aged well – I’ll be honest. I hear it
some days and I go, “Turn that shit off.” Oasis was a moment in time.

A solo Noel Gallagher song?

Oooh no! I dunno. I tell you what, that one he did with The Chemical Brothers [Setting Sun], that’s a tune. (Shouts) That’s what he should be doing! Not that fucking stupid stuff he’s doing at the moment. He sounds like Dolly Parton’s just dropped a pill for the first time. Woo-hoo-hoo! And I know it’s me being cunt-ish, but fuck it, it’s only fun, innit?! I don’t wish him any harm. You know that. The best thing about the music business at the moment is that me and our kid are still here! We’ve come full circle. Whereas we used to slag every fucker off, now we’re just going, ‘There’s no one else to slag off – how about me and you?!’ Take me and our kid out of it and it’s boring as fuck! Everyone’s far too nice.

Who would have laid money 25 years ago on the pair of you still being here?

Totally man. We shouldn’t even be here … (mad scally voice) “You shouldn’t be in ’ere!” And we
shouldn’t be in here – but we fucking are. So get on with it.

The new issue of MOJO is out now in stores and available digitally.

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