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Noel Gallagher On His New Music, Future Plans, Strats, Jazzmasters And His Forthcoming Gibson Signature Guitar

“I’m supposed to go to this gig tonight in Brooklyn, but I don’t know,” Noel Gallagher says, his voice trailing off as we sit down for coffee in the Penthouse café of his Midtown Manhattan hotel, one rainy afternoon recently.

Even Noel Gallagher doesn’t want to go to Brooklyn.

We’ve encountered Gallagher many times since he left Oasis, but he seems more relaxed than ever this time, as we chat about shared interests and mutual friends. In person Noel is short, even slight. But he’s an intense presence, too. Wearing black trousers and an expensive-looking black t-shirt, topped with a gold chain and pendant, it’s the ever-present sunglasses that are seemingly there to keep you in your place.

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