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The Best Oasis Bootlegs 1994 To 1999

There is one thing I've always loved and that's a good bootleg and Oasis have more than there fair share of them.

In this part of the guide I'm going to put a number of my own personal favourite gigs the band played from 1994 until 1999.

I first discovered various Oasis recordings at CD and Record Fairs then by trading cassettes with other fans in the post via music magazines.

When I eventually got the internet around 2000 and discovered various Oasis and bootleg forums I was like a kid in a candy shop. I was totally blown away with literally hundreds of hours of footage and audio that existed of the band.

Amazingly Oasis' REMARKABLE back catalogue includes just one official live album Familiar To Millions, something that’s hard to believe give the group's immense popularity.

February 6th 1994

This was the first Oasis gig to ever be filmed professionally, it was recorded in a room full of music executives at a Sony Music conference in Scotland.

The band had recently signed their first record deal and had yet to release any music.

Contrary to the track listing on the band’s Cigarette & Alcohol single and on The Masterplan compilation album, I Am The Walrus was not recorded at the Glasgow Cathouse (as stated), but at the soundcheck of this event.

As it was recorded in an empty room at 10AM the noise from the crowd believe it or not is taken from a Faces bootleg album!

Bring It On Down and Live Forever from this gig appeared on the Definitely Maybe DVD that was released in 2004.

Setlist: I Am The Walrus (soundcheck, no video), Shakermaker, Bring It On Down, Digsy's Dinner, Live Forever, Cigarettes and Alcohol and Supersonic.

October 15th 1994

For me this is the definitive gig of the Definitely Maybe era.

From the start of Rock 'N' Roll Star until the ending of I Am The Walrus the band give those fans lucky enough to be in attendance a truly remarkable performance.

Up In The Sky and I Am The Walrus from this gig appeared on the Definitely Maybe DVD that was released in 2004.

Setlist: Rock 'N' Roll Star, Columbia, Fade Away, Digsy's Dinner, Shakermaker, Live Forever, Bring It On Down, Up In The Sky, Slide Away, Cigarettes & Alcohol, Married With Children, Supersonic and I Am The Walrus.

December 11th 1994
Civic Hall

Highlights from this gig were originally broadcast on the Evening Session on BBC Radio 1 and for many years (pre internet) it was probably my most played and loved recording of the band.

Setlist: Columbia, Digsy's Dinner, Shakermaker, Bring It On Down, Up In The Sky, Slide Away, Cigarettes and Alcohol, Married With Children, Sad Song, Whatever and I Am The Walrus.

November 4th 1995
Earls Court 

In November 1995 Oasis staged the two biggest ever indoor gigs at the time in Europe, at a specially expanded Earls Court in London.

The gigs were so loud that earth tremors were reported in Kensington and Chelsea.

Supersonic, Hello, Morning Glory, Cigarettes & Alcohol and Champagne Supernova from this gig would appear on the '...There and Then' VHS that was released in 1996.

Setlist: The Swamp Song, Acquiesce, Supersonic, Hello, Some Might Say, Shakermaker, Roll With It, Round Are Way/ Up In The Sky, Cigarettes & Alcohol, Live Forever, Champagne Supernova, Wonderwall, Cast No Shadow, Morning Glory, Don't Look Back in Anger, Whatever/Octopus's Garden and I Am The Walrus.

March 19th 1996
Cardiff International Arena

Often described as the Holy Grail of Oasis bootlegs it has been rumoured for years that this gig was planned to be officially released for the 1996 Christmas market.

It's one of the best gigs I seen the band play in Cardiff, the recording is a perfectly mixed and mastered soundboard recording.

Setlist: The Swamp Song, Acquiesce, Supersonic, Hello, Some Might Say, Roll With It, Shakermaker, Round Are Way/Up In The Sky, Morning Glory, Cigarettes & Alcohol, Champagne Supernova, Whatever/Octopus's Garden, Wonderwall, Slide Away, Don't Look Back in Anger, Live Forever and I Am The Walrus.

27th April 1996
Maine Road

This is one of my most watched/listened to bootlegs of the band, I've picked the first night as I went to it.

Quite a bit of the set from the second night featured in the There And Then release.

The crowd, setlist and more importantly the band were absolutely phenomenal, it was only at these gigs that Cum On Feel The Noize was featured in the bands setlist.

The song was played on Jools Holland and Top Of The Pops with Noel on lead vocals.

Setlist: The Swamp Song, Acquiesce, Supersonic, Hello, Some Might Say, Roll With It, Morning Glory, Round Are Way, Cigarettes And Alcohol, Champagne Supernova, Whatever, Cast No Shadow, Wonderwall, The Masterplan, Don't Look Back In Anger, Live Forever, I Am The Walrus and Cum On Feel The Noize.

August 11th 1996

This concert needs no introduction and I imagine it’s the one concert fans most want to get released officially. Easily the biggest gig the band ever played and one of their most iconic, 250,000 fans including myself over two nights witnessed the band at the height of their popularity.

Setlist: The Swamp Song, Columbia, Acquiesce, Supersonic, Hello, Some Might Say, Roll With It, Slide Away, Morning Glory, Round Are Way/Up In The Sky, Cigarettes & Alcohol, Whatever/Octopus's Garden, Cast No Shadow, Wonderwall, The Masterplan, Don't Look Back in Anger, My Big Mouth, It's Gettin' Better (Man!!) and Live Forever.

23rd August 1996

Royal Albert Hall

A few weeks after playing Knebworth the band were due to play one of the most eagerly anticipated MTV Unplugged sessions of the decade.

Around an hour before the band were due on stage at the Royal Festival Hall Liam informed the other members of band he wouldn't be performing due to a sore throat.

Noel took to the stage and played Liam decided to sit in the audience and heckle his own band throughout the show.

Setlist: Hello, Some Might Say, Live Forever, Listen Up, The Masterplan, Don't Look Back In Anger, Talk Tonight, Morning Glory, Round Are Way/Up In The Sky, Cast No Shadow, Whatever and Wonderwall.

November 27th 1997
Den Bosch

I had to chose between this or the G-Mex concert in Manchester that took place on the same tour and I have opted to put this as my choice.

Is it a better gig? Vastly different set list? No, but it needs to be listened to and appreciated. 

Setlist: Be Here Now, Stay Young, Stand by Me, Supersonic, Some Might Say, Roll With It, D'You Know What I Mean?, Magic Pie, Don't Look Back in Anger, Wonderwall, Live Forever, It's Gettin' Better (Man!!), All Around The World, Fade In-Out, Champagne Supernova and Acquiesce.

December 5th 1997
The Point


Noel Gallagher was forced to play two of the three sold out gigs on this leg of the Be Here Now tour after Liam pulled out with a throat infection.

Amazingly twenty fans took up a offer for a refund for the second and third nights of a three-night stay in Dublin.

This was the only time that The Girl In The Dirty Shirt was played live.

Setlist: Be Here Now, My Big Mouth, Some Might Say, Roll With It, Magic Pie, Don't Look Back In Anger, Stand By Me, D'You Know What I Mean?, Whatever/All The Young Dudes, Don't Go Away, Fade In-Out, Cigarettes And Alcohol, The Girl In The Dirty Shirt, Live Forever and Wonderwall.

January 17th 1998

Rosemont Horizon

Another great bootleg of the band that I have played to death over the years, highlights from the set were originally broadcast on local radio.

The band are all on great form, Noel's acoustic set is magnificent and includes one of the best acoustic versions of Slide Away that I've ever heard.

A full fan recording of the gig can be watched here.

Setlist: Be Here Now, Stand by Me, Supersonic, Roll With It, D'You Know What I Mean?, Cigarettes & Alcohol, Don't Go Away, Talk Tonight, To Be Someone (Didn't We Have a Nice Time) (The Jam cover), Slide Away, Don't Look Back in Anger, Wonderwall, Live Forever, It's Gettin' Better (Man!!) and Champagne Supernova.

February 20th 1998

Nippon Budokan

I think this was one of the first bootlegs DVD's I got of the band and I still watch/listen to it quite regularly as it's absolutely phenomenal.

The band played three sold out nights at the venue on this leg of the tour, I've always been amazed by how much Oasis were loved in Japan. They would constantly have to add more and more dates to tours due to them selling out in record time.

Setlist: Be Here Now, Stand by Me, Supersonic. Roll With It, D'You Know What I Mean?
Cigarettes & Alcohol (Snippet of Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin as outro), Don't Go Away, Help!, Setting Sun (The Chemical Brothers cover), Fade In-Out, Don't Look Back in Anger, Wonderwall, Live Forever, It's Gettin' Better (Man!!), Champagne Supernova and Acquiesce.

March 18th 1998
Estadio Luna Park
Buenos Aires

Amazingly the band had never played a note in South America until this tour and the dates in Chile, Argentina and Brazil were all sold out in record time.

By now the band had established themselves as one of the biggest and best bands in the word. During the tour promoting the Be Here Now the band had sold out gigs in the UK and Ireland, Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania.

This is the final full pro-shot concert that features founding members Bonehead and Guigsy.

Setlist: Be Here Now, Stand By Me, Supersonic, Roll With It, D'You Know What I Mean?, Cigarettes & Alcohol (Snippet of Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin as outro), Don't Go Away, Setting Sun
(The Chemical Brothers cover), Fade In-Out, Don't Look Back in Anger, Wonderwall, Live Forever, It's Gettin' Better (Man!!), Champagne Supernova, Acquiesce and I Am The Walrus.

3rd December 1999
First Union Center

On December 3rd, 1999, Oasis made public their first appearance together with new members Gem Archer and Andy Bell at the First Union Center in Philadelphia, the band performed a short set.

Bonehead and Guigsy had left the band during the recording of Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants, other acts on the bill were Beck, Foo Fighters, Moby and more.

Setlist: Cigarettes & Alcohol/Whole Lotta Love, Supersonic, Wonderwall, Champagne Supernova and Helter Skelter.

The band were ready to take on the new millennium with a new album Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants and the new line-up had settled in.

Stay tuned for part two.

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