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On This Day In Oasis History...

On April 20th 1995 Oasis played at the Bataclan in Paris France.

Listen to a bootleg of the gig below.

Noel Gallagher wrote 'Don't Look Back In Anger' on April 20th 1995.

(from Uncut magazine August 2007): "We were in Paris playing with the Verve, and I had the chords for that song and started writing it. We were due to play two days later. Our first-ever big arena gig, it's called Sheffield Arena now. At the sound check, I was strumming away on the acoustic guitar, and our kid (Liam) said, 'What's that you're singin'?' I wasn't singing anyway, I was just making it up. And our kid said, 'Are you singing 'So Sally can wait'?' And I was like – that's genius! So I started singing, 'So Sally can wait.' I remember going back to the dressing room and writing it out. It all came really quickly after that"

On April 20th 1996 Oasis played at the Bronco Bowl Auditorium in Dallas, USA.

Listen to a bootleg of the gig below.

On April 20th 2001 the Steve Marriott Tribute concert took place at the Astoria in London, England.

Various members of Oasis took to the stage with Paul Weller and more.

Watch a number of videos from the gig below.

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