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On This Day In Oasis History...

On April 27th 1996 Oasis played the first of two nights at Maine Road in Manchester support came from the Manic Street Preachers and Ocean Colour Scene.

Treat yourself this weekend and watch the concert in full at 50fps in the link below.

Ever wondered why Bonehead wasn't on the tickets for Oasis' concerts at Maine Road in April 1996, he point blank refused to be in them as he is a Manchester United fan.

Brian Cannon had the idea to have images on the big screen of John Lennon, Sid Vicious and more during 'Live Forever' at the concerts.

He told the NME “Even Liam didn’t know it was going to happen, that’s why he looks amazed when he turns round and sees Lennon.”

Fifty one trucks were used to deliver the equipment to stage Oasis' concerts at Maine Road in April 1996.

A giant shipyard crane was used to safely carry it over the football pitch as the club had a game against Liverpool the following weekend.

I was up in the stands that night and it was in the words of Jim Bowen it was "Super smashing great".

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