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Liam Gallagher On Tiger King, Spiderman, Eric Cantona, Greatest Regret And More

A few questions from Liam Gallagher's Cash For Questions interview that is in the new issue of Q.

What have you been watching on TV? Specifically your thoughts about Tiger King, please.

Fucking hell, he’s a one, isn’t he? He dresses like Bonehead. Amazing story, but what a c**t. They’re all fucking meth-head hicks, aren’t they? I’ve been watching The Professionals quite a bit too. ITV4. Been getting into it, their cars and everything. For me, The Professionals is bordering on soft porn. Some bits when the chicks are involved, when it’s all a bit… excuse me, lads! I’m into their cars. The Rover V8. I might get one, even though I can’t drive, it’ll look good on the driveway. I’m also into Unorthodox, about the Jewish girl in New York who escapes from her family and legs it to Berlin. That’s top.

Who’s your favourite Superhero?

Not a fan of Superman. Not sure why, maybe it was the geezer with the bins on. I just thought, “Who’s this c**t?” I reckon Spiderman. He could fly about and he looked cool in his mask. Superman I always thought, “Fuck off you posh c**t with your bins on and yer slicked-back hair.” He never resonated for me. Spiderman any day.

Tell us something funny about Eric Cantona, please.

I tell you what, that guy is top. Mani summed him up best. He said he’s a cross between Jesus Christ and Elvis. And he actually is. He’s a beautiful human being. He texted me a couple of times while this has been going on and said, “How are you, Mr Gallagher?” He’s a gent. I fucking love him.

What is your greatest regret?

Probably personal stuff. Breaking up marriages, being a bit of a fucking idiot with the kids. Dicking people about, upsetting them. But other than that… haha!

What’s your isolation top tip to get through it?

Alcohol. Lots of alcohol. Look, I know this is very booze-heavy, but I don’t know what I’d do without it in this situation. I’d probably have to get into DIY and all that tackle. Cobbling shoes. I’d have a shed in the end of the garden, I’d be in there fixing everyone’s shoes and that would be shit.

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