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Tim's Twitter Listening Party Official Print Go On Sale Friday

Tim Burgess, the legendary Charlatans frontman, asked designer & photographer Brian Cannon to come up with a commemorative print to celebrate the popularity of 'Tim's Twitter Listening Parties' and raise funds for Tim's charity appeal to help those most in need in the music industry. Brian is best known for his work creating classic record sleeves for both Oasis and The Verve via his creative agency Microdot.

The prints are a limited edition of 250, 50 of which are signed by Tim and listening party stalwart & Oasis guitar legend - Bonehead. All 250 are signed by  Brian Cannon and all carry the Microdot emboss.

The prints go on sale at 10.00 am (UK time) on Friday the 12th June and are priced at £15 each. The 50 prints signed by Tim and Bonehead will be sold randomly until all 250 prints are sold.

More details on the print can be found here.

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