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Noel Gallagher “British Culture Would Never Sexualise A Female”

Noel Gallagher has suggested that the US is responsible for the sexualisation of female pop stars because “British culture would never sexualise a female”.

He made the comments in regards to a performance by Miley Cyrus at the recent MTV Video Music Awards in which she sang 'Midnight Sky while sat on top of a giant disco ball.

The Daily Star newspaper's Wired column quotes him as saying, "That god awful woman Miley Cyrus was on and she was doing some fucking shit and even my nine year old said, 'Why is the cameraman just filming her legs'."

"Women have been sexualised because of America, British culture would never sexualise a female.This has all come from America - that juvenile, jock, stupid fucking culture."

*The quotes are from Matt Morgan's Podcast 

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