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Noel Gallagher Has Recorded A Track With Dizzee Rascal

Noel Gallagher has appeared on Matt Morgan's podcast and confirmed he's recorded a track with a member of the Grime world.

He said “I’ve done a collaboration with somebody who is in the grime world and people who have heard it have said, ‘That’s not you?’ It’s not for my record. 
Remember that chaotic two fucking weeks where the virus and the demonstrations kicked off, it was a fucking crazy two weeks, it was right in the middle of that … It’s coming out soon, actually.”

Dizzee Rascal confirmed tot he Daily Star it's with him: “I’ve already started on my next album, I’ve got a little something with Noel Gallagher. Right now, it’s being mixed. That’s one name. I’m just experimenting, I’ve bought a bunch of new keyboards, a bunch of new hardware and I’m just experimenting with stuff, I’ve recorded a few bits.”

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