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Noel Gallagher On Sharing His Home With Two Tarantulas

Noel Gallagher said he is now sharing his home with two tarantulas after he bought his son Sonny the spiders.

He said: “He has managed to somehow wangle himself not one, but two tarantula spiders. "He’s got them in his bedroom and he sits staring at them, feeding them live crickets, behaving like a little serial killer." 

He told 'The Matt Morgan Podcast' "It came in like a little canister, like what you get rolls of film in. It arrived with its own tank that you’ve got to build and we threw the box out. I said, ‘There’s no spider in there’. We looked through the box, we’d thrown it out. They said, ‘You better get the box, the spider is in there’. It was the tiniest little canister, it’s a baby one but it’ll grow to be the size of an ashtray."

He admitted he's scared of the critters, adding: "If one is loose two things are going to happen, I’m going to get out the f***ing way until I find something to kill it with."

Listen to the full interview on the podcast here (subscription required).

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