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Imelda May On How She Got To Work With Noel Gallagher

Imelda May has been speaking Today FM about her track 'Just One Kiss' that features Noel Gallagher and Ronnie Wood. 

Host Ian Dempsey asked her "How did that come about? I mean, how did you get him to do that?"

She said "I asked him! ‘He’s a great guy. Absolutely amazing fella. And Ronnie Wood as well, they’re pals of mine. And I just really wanted Ronnie’s wild guitar playing and that solo, he’s just fab in it, and Noel sounds hot as hell."

Speaking about the video that was released a few days ago she said "Noel was supposed to be in it, and then he wasn’t in my bubble, so my lovely fella stepped in. And, he’s an actor so he then mimed Noel’s parts. So, he’s getting everybody texting him saying “God, you sound great!”

Check out the video below.

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