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Noel Gallagher "Liverpool’s Best Years Are Done"

Some quotes from Noel Gallagher's interview with talkSPORT following Manchester City's 4-1 victory over Liverpool.

“All the great managers I’ve said when you win it’s the end of something not the beginning of something, you’ve got to go again. 

“I never thought I’d see City win a title never mind back-to-back titles.

“But I think with Liverpool their best years were spent getting there. Now they’re there, I think they’re done.”

“All I’ve heard for the last 48 hours is that Liverpool have been the best team in England for the last four years so it’s inevitable…

“But then I think they must’ve won a barrel-load of trophies because I can only count one!

“So presumably you’re saying City have been the second best team in England for the last four years and I lost count after the six trophies we won. I didn’t bother counting after that!

“I don’t know where all this nonsense has come from but Liverpool are going to have to go some way to be worse champions than we were in the 60s when we won one year and got relegated the next.”

 Click here to listen tot the interview in full.

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