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Noel Gallagher On Working With The Chemical Brothers

Noel Gallagher has spoken about how his collaboration with the Chemical Brother's Setting Sun came about. 

The single sold 99,000 copies during its first week of release and reached number one on the UK Singles Chart in October 1996.

He told the new issue of MOJO "I knew them from (notorious London club night) the Sunday Social. I remember being at the bar with them and said, "I'll do a fucking tune with you". City had played Wycombe on a Friday night away, we'd lost one-nil, and I went from Wycombe to the studio. I did it in about 20 minutes. I even left the taxi waiting outside. And then the next I knew it had knocked (Deep Blue Something's) Breakfast At Tiffany's off number 1. That felt like a proper triumph. The 90's! What a decade! You had an idea, you did it, you moved on to something else". 

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