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Noel Gallagher On Oasis Splitting Up And Insulate Britain

Noel Gallagher has revealed the reason why Oasis split up is because he gave clothes that were given to him by Liam from his Pretty Green clothing line to a charity shop.

Speaking to the The Matt Morgan Podcast, Noel explained: “Liam gave us a load of clobber, not just me, he gave the band it. I went straight to the charity shop and left it in the shop doorway.

“He went f*cking mental. He said, ‘If you didn’t f*cking want it, you should have just said you didn’t f*cking want it, you c*nt.’

“It was on the shop mannequin in Barnardo’s a month before it launched. If push comes to shove, that was the beginning of the end.”

He also spoke about Insulate Britain who have brought parts of London to a standstill by blocking traffic.

He said “They’re f ** a**holes. Why can’t they be legally ran over? Or at least thrown off a bridge? It’s f**** middle class white idiots with f*** all better to do".

“It’s middle class, white f ** idiots who need a kick in the b ** s and then thrown in the Thames. They’re just d****.

“The police are pussies as well, big fannies who are hamstrung by social media. They can’t give anyone a clip round the ear who deserves it.

“It’s yet another load of [s***]driven by social media which is the playground of c suckers.”

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