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Noel Gallagher On Manchester City “We Could End Up With No Trophies This Season, That’s How Tight It Is"

Below are a number of quotes from an interview with Noel Gallagher who appeared on talkSport and spoke about how Manchester City could end up with no trophies this season and more.

On the end of the season run in...

“We could end up with no trophies this season, that’s how tight it is"

“We could end up winning the league and the Champions League and it being a proper historic thing or we could end up with nothing". 

“So we’re walking a fine line between history and failure for the next six weeks and it’s tense but this is where you want to be so bring it on.”

On Pep Guardiola resting players for the game against Liverpool...

“[Guardiola] was always going to do that for that game, we’re going for the league and the Champions League here, with all due respect to the Cup and all that it’s third on the list of priorities.

“I’m glad they got a rest because they won’t be tired for [Real Madrid] because now is where the season starts. This is it now.”

On having Liverpool fans in the High Flying Birds...

“I’ve got three Liverpool fans in my band and we’ve come to an understanding that we don’t talk about it. There was one, the first season where we were going for the league and Champions League and one of them, who shall remain nameless, but does play the bass, he celebrated a little bit too much after one of the games and nearly found himself back up in Liverpool twiddling his thumbs.”

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