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On This Day In Oasis History...

On June 11th 1994 Oasis played at the Avenham Park Festival in Preston.

Q: What was the price to watch the band to play a nine song set?
A: Nothing

Listen to a quality audience recording of the set below.

On June 11th 2000, Oasis played at the Rock Im Park in Nuremberg, Germany.

At the time Noel Gallagher had decided to quit overseas touring with Oasis. Guitarist Matt Deighton was bought in, he had performed with Paul Weller and Mother Earth in the past.

On June 11th 2001 Oasis played at the Tweeter Theatre in Boston USA, watch the bands full set below.

On June 11th 2005 Oasis played at the Southside Festival in Germany.

Watch highlights from the set below.

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