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Devendra Banhart Wants To Work With The Gallaghers

Devendra Banhart, who counts the Gallagher brothers among his fans, recently collaborated with Beck and is teaming up with GZA from hip-hop group Wu Tang Clan.

It’s a tie-up that got started after some high brow conversation at Coachella festival earlier in the year.

"We talked about how general relativity and quantum physics don’t agree with each other and then talked about maybe doing a song where I get to be general relativity, and he gets to be quantum physics, and we’re arguing," explained Banhart, who later sent GZA his catalogue of music.

Confirming a collaboration, he added: "I’m going to write some music for him to flow over and we’ll see where it goes."

The news comes ahead of the release of his new album What Will We Be on 27 October.

Banhart worked on the record with members of Isle of Wight band The Bees and singer/guitarist Rodrigo Amarante from Little Joy, a side-project of The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti.

It’s his first album on a major label, Warner, having been with independents like XL in the past.

Banhart explained one of the reasons he chose them: "The White Stripes had signed to XL and about a year later I signed to XL, and then about a year later they left XL and signed with Warners, so I’m just kind of following them around."

"I don’t know what’s next, it’s pre-determined by whatever Meg [White] wants," he joked.

He revealed his second reason for choosing Warner: "They gave us the most freedom and brought us sandwiches. I think after being financially crippled, the Goliath has been toppled, with them re-examining their approach and their business model."

Meanwhile the former members of Oasis are big fans of Devendra's music.

He's covered the Gallagher brothers’ music in the past and they asked him to remix a song from their last album Dig Out Your Soul.

We asked him if he’d like to work with Noel and Liam now they've split.

"Yes, I’m gonna see if Noel is going to start a new band, if he needs a didgeridoo player," replied Banhart. "And I’m going to go buy some Pretty Green jumpers to support Liam’s fashionista aspirations, because he’s got top style."

Source: BBC 6 MUSIC

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