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Noel Gallagher: Why I Love The Stone Roses

"They were our band, I suppose. The Roses sang in Manchester accents, they wore the same clothes, they went to the same clubs, you could see them down the same shops where you were buying your dessert boots and your flared jeans.

"But all that aside, in the cold light of day what you're left with is the music, and what it boils down to is that they wrote the greatest songs of the late '80s. I've said this to John Squire - without that band there would have not been an Oasis, because I don't think Liam would have bothered joining Bonehead's group, and subsequently I wouldn't have bothered joining Liam's group.

"In the early days of Oasis, we definitely sounded a lot more like The Stone Roses. John Squire's always been a guitarist I've admired. I think he's a brilliant guitarist. I used to try and rip off a lot of things he was doing. The Stone Roses kicked the door open for guitar music in the lats '80s. We were credited with the renaissance of British guitar music in the '90s, and I'm having that because we have done a lot for that form of music, but without the Roses... They opened the door for us.

Taken from a special collectors' issue of Uncut dedicated to The Stone Roses, more details can be found here.

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