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Noel Gallagher On If Fame Has Changed Him

Noel Gallagher has been asked by The Sunday Times if he ever feel that a part of him got left behind, somewhere back in Burnage?

He said “When people ask, ‘Has fame changed you?’, the shit answer is ‘No, of course it hasn’t.’ I always say, ‘I hope it f****** has!’ Nobody could go through what I’ve gone through and not be changed. But the key is to recognise it. I go back to the same council house I grew up in to see my mum — she still lives there, my single bed is still in the same room with Liam’s single bed — and I sit on that bed and think, ‘This is where I played guitar for the first time.’ But I’m not a professional working-class person, and I can just as easily sit in my big house down here and think, ‘This isn’t because of anybody else, it’s because of all the practice I put in.’ And I love it.”

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