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Alan McGee On Noel Gallagher Reforming Oasis

The 56-year-old Scottish businessman famously signed the 'Supersonic' rockers to his Creation Records label after seeing them perform one gig at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1993 and after they released their debut album 'Definitely Maybe' in 1994 they went on to become the biggest band in the world.

The group eventually imploded in 2009 due to a huge backstage bust-up between warring brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher which resulted in the 49-year-old guitarist quitting.

The pair have barely spoken since, but Liam, 44, has admitted he has offered an "olive branch" to Noel and would return to the band in a heartbeat, however, the 'Don't Look Back In Anger' songwriter has spurned his offer of reconciliation and didn't attend either of the two premieres for the new Oasis documentary film 'Supersonic'.

Alan is sure Noel - who has released two successful solo albums - is finished with Oasis because he doesn't want to "spoil" the legend of the group.

Asked if Oasis will reunite, he told NME: "Do you mean with Noel Gallagher? Absolutely zero. I don't think Noel will ever reform Oasis, ever! I can't see Noel Gallagher going back and doing it. If anything came out of that film ('Supersonic'), it was that it's done, it's finished, don't spoil the f***ing legend."

Alan thinks there could be a time in the future where Liam performs under the Oasis name again without Noel and it will be great.

He mused: "When he's a bit older I think Liam will probably reform Oasis and he'll sell 10,000 tickets a night singing Oasis tunes and he'll be happy with that. It would be OK with just Liam."

In the wake of Oasis, Liam formed Beady Eye with Gem Archer, Andy Bell and Chris Sharrock but they disbanded in 2014 after two albums.

The 'Songbird' singer is currently recording his first solo album which is set to be released next summer and Alan is sure it will be a fantastic record.

Speaking previously to BANG Showbiz, the music industry legend said: "Liam is a genius. He's a good enough songwriter. He wrote a lot in Oasis and he was unlucky with Beady Eye - their song 'Flick of the Finger' was great and he wrote that. I know that dude he will come back and he will come back and come back big. I love Liam!"


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