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Johnny Marr On Working With Noel Gallagher And More

Taken from an interview with Johnny Marr read the full article here.

You played on Noel Gallagher’s latest album. Did he return the favour?

“Not yet, because he’s always playing. He’s always on the road. That’s the second time I’ve played on one of his solo records now, so hopefully we’ll get around to working on my stuff. He’s always off in exotic places every time I hear from him – like some enormodome in South America.

“I liked his record. I played on a couple, but the song that ended up on the record is actually my favourite on the album. I was pleased about that, ‘Love Is The Law’. I’ve never heard a rock song like it. It hangs together like nothing else. It’s like a fucking movie.”

When you were in the studio, did you feel like he was pushing himself into a more adventurous place?

“Yeah, before we went into the studio I knew that anyway. We see each other on and off, and I know that he knew he was onto something. He and David [Holmes, producer] were working at every opportunity.

“I knew it was good because he told me it was good. Nothing with David is out of bounds, as long as it feels good and sounds good. They’re a good team because Noel can get a good melody over anything. What he’s proven with his solo stuff is that he’s still writing with the spirit that people love him for, but you can’t really imagine Oasis doing.”

He’s been very vocal about living outside of his legacy. You must understand that as well?

“Yeah. I’ve played a couple of shows with him now and the new stuff really stands up. The audience love it and it makes people feel really good. That’s something that he’s better at than anyone else.”


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