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Noel Gallagher "By The End Of This Decade Streaming Will Be It"

Noel Gallagher recently said that streaming is the worst part of the music industry when asked by the current issue of the Australian 'Rolling Stone' "How do you feel about it now that you've experienced releasing an album during the streaming era?"

He said "I still think my talent is not for rent. It's for sale. But I'm not that much of a fucking moron that I'm not aware of the world in which we live in. By the end of this decade, streaming will be it. People will not own physical copies anymore, because they won't be made. I will always believe that to own it is more important than to rent it. But there's a new generation of people growing up - my children for instance, who are 10 and seven - they'll never have a record collection. And it won't bother them, because their big sister, she's not got a record collection. And it won't bother her, because what do you want a fucking record collection for?"

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