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Noel Gallagher "I Wasn't Trying Something New For The Sake Of It"

Noel Gallagher was asked by the current issue of the Australian 'Rolling Stone' What was it that made him team up with David Holmes for 'Who Built The Moon?'

He said "Well i have all his records and I'm a fan of his, but I didn't seek him out. We kind of met at a festival by chance and I was like, "Wow, you're David Holmes!" And he was like, "Fuck me! You're Noel Gallagher!" I kind of wanted him to get involved on 'Chasing Yesterday', but I was already a little bit of the way into it so he didn't want to come on board after the start of it, so we just started another record."

Rolling Stone: "It seems like people are giving you credit for trying something new on this record"

He replied "Yeah, but I wasn't trying something new for the sake of it. The bottom line is if the songs not great nobody will give a shit. "Oh have you heard that new Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds record? Well it sounds really different." Are the songs any good?" "oh no, the songs are fucking rubbish, but it sounds like fucking electronic reggae Jazz." Well fuck that. You have to have good songs".

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