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Liam Gallagher On Playing Small Shows With Beady Eye

Liam Gallagher claims that performing small shows with Beady Eye was “weird” and “unacceptable” to him.

He told Radio X’s John Kennedy: “I thought it’d be a Beady Eye kind of thing… which was not acceptable.

“That ain’t good enough for me. I thought, if it’s like that, I’m packing it in. It needs to be BIG - if it’s not big, it doesn’t fit right for me, you know what I mean?”

“Playing them clubs with Beady Eye… as much as it was great, it was fucking hard work. It just wasn’t right, man. It felt weird.

“Maybe it felt weird cos Noel weren’t there? We were giving it as much as we could, it just felt odd."

“So I thought, if it’s gonna be like this I need to start sewing. Get meself down to Pretty Green and get a few buttons on a few jackets.

“It has to go off for me to really fucking want it. And it did, thank the Lord.”

Radio X will be hosting a very special Liam Gallagher Day on Sunday 18 February. Danny Wallace will be chatting to the singer on his Important Broadcast at 11am, while John Kennedy will take the legend back over his career before playing out the singer’s acoustic gig recorded live on the roof of Radio X’s studios, from 7pm on Sunday night.

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Sean King (New York, NY) said...

I think Liam just said, "Know what I mean?" 19 times in 1m51s. I'm serious.