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Watch A New Scene From Liam Gallagher's 'As It Was' And Read Charlie Lightening's Thoughts On The Film And More

As he was, as he is, as I found him. I was right there in the fug of spring 2017, writing a cover story for British GQ, when Liam Gallagher’s once tainted, often fully loaded star began to rise once more, and spectacularly so; his songs and his senses kicked into shape by a hunger to reclaim rock’n’roll’s iron crown from all the charlatans and usurpers. Having weathered the break-up of his “other” band (Beady Eye), the break-up of his marriage to Nicole Appleton and witnessed his fantasy life – as he’d know it since he was 19 years old – pretty much vapourised, Gallagher was being given one more moon shot to live as his ego had always intended: as Britain’s most loved (and lauded) rock’n’roll star. It was a joy to witness.

Read the full interview in the link here and a new scene from As it Was below.


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