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Liam Gallagher On The Recording Of His New Album , Songwriting And Knowing Your Place

Liam Gallagher has spoken to the new issue of Q about the recording of his new album that is scheduled for release in September.

He said "We did six songs in a week, but then we had to wait months to record the next lot. And then wait again after that. Everyone was busy at different times, the cunts".

His first album featured six songs written solely by Liam, for the new album 'Why Me? Why Not' every track on the album is co-written "I'm alright as a writer, but I want it to be a step up".

He added "I know my place. There's a lot to be said about knowing your place some people want to be everything the singer, the writer, the guitarist, on nose flute, and end up being nothing. I'm a singer the geezer at the front. So we create these songs together with Andrew or Kurstin or whoever. And then when I sing them, they're my songs".

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