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Noel Gallagher On Bands Reforming

Noel Gallagher has spoken about his opinions on bands reforming to the current issue of Music Week.

When asked Lastly, we know your stance on an Oasis reunion, but what’s your opinion on bands getting back together in general?

He said "I get it because nostalgia is a disease that’s taking over the world, because it’s in such a shit fucking place. I’m the same - I will gladly sit in on a Friday night and watch Top Of The Pops forever because there’s nothing on the telly apart from some shit on Netflix about zombies, talking dogs and vampires. I’m a bit nostalgic about TV and the ’80s because there’s nothing decent for me to get my teeth into nowadays. I understand The Stone Roses [reuniting], who never got paid. Other than that, it doesn’t appeal to me in any way. I just don’t see what on earth you’re getting out of it. I mean, if you're skint, do it. Don’t lie about it though, just say you're doing it for the fucking money! Money’s
all right, it's not a dirty thing. I love making money - the more I've got of it, the better. I guess it’s a personal thing: I don’t need:the money; I don't need the hassle; I don’t want to put the High Flying Birds on hold for two years to go around the world arguing with someone I don't get on with, what's the point in doing that? So it doesn’t appeal to me. If I ever lose all my money investing in fucking arms dealing somewhere in Chechnya and I'm skint, trust me, I’ll be the first at the press conference. But I won’t be lying about it, I'll say I’m doing it for the fucking money."

The new issue of Music Week is out now.

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