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Liam Gallagher On Why Me? Why Not, Beady Eye, Noel, Oasis And More

Liam Gallagher admits it took him a while for him to get back on track after Oasis, which ended in 2009 when he got into a backstage fistfight with his brother Noel Gallagher. It was the end of a classic musical partnership, and set the two brothers off into the musical wilderness. Noel, Oasis’ main songwriter, formed the musically adventurous High Flying Birds. Liam created Beady Eye with former members of Oasis. But even Liam admits those years “weren’t so fruitful.” The band broke up in 2014, and Liam decided go solo. Writing songs with studio pros like Greg Kurstin (Adele, Sia) and Andrew Wyatt (Lorde, Lady Gaga), Gallagher got back to what he does best: “Brawny Brit pop, Beatle-esque ballads,” David Fricke wrote at the time.

His new album, Why Me? Why Not, follows that same path. Gallagher singles out “Once” as his favorite, a ballad that takes stock of a fizzled partnership. “When the dawn came up, you felt so inspired to do it again, but it turns out, you only got to do it once,” Liam sings in a chorus that could be about his legendary band. “I think ‘Once’ is the most unique song on that record,” says Liam.

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