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Liam Gallagher On Recording A Traditional Irish Album And Speaking To His Mum On FaceTime

Liam Gallagher admits contemplating making traditional Irish music. The singer though born in Manchester, has Irish parents and still has a strong sense of connection with his roots.

He admitted during an interview he and bandmate Bonehead also of Irish heritage have contemplated making traditional songs.

Q Magazine asked Liam in a new interview: “Would you consider recording an album in Ireland of traditional songs with traditional players?” He responded: “I would. It would end up a piss-up, wouldn’t it? So, would it actually happen, even if we planned it? Dunno. We wouldn’t get much done. But me and Bonehead spoke years ago about doing that. I’d love to do that shit. I’m very open-minded, I’ll do anything. I’d be good at it [adopts Irish accent] “Come on you fuckers!” I tell you who would be good on that: Mani. He’s a bit of a Paddy as well, he’d love it. [The doorbell rings] Who’s that? It’s either a delivery or the police. Sting, telling me to wash my hands, probably.”

He also amusingly spoke about how lockdown is going and trying to communicate with mother Peggy Gallagher over Facetime: “I’m bored shitless. I’m the same as everyone else, bored out of my fucking mind, but at least I’m not dead so all is good in the world. I’m also trying to get into the rhythm of the birds. Obviously, it’s a different language and I don’t quite understand it, but they’re not just talking gibberish, that lot. I’ve done a bit of video chat with my mam, but she hasn’t got a clue. All I end up seeing is her ceiling. I end up shouting at her to hold it to her face. [Strong Irish accent] ‘I don’t know about these things!’ So we end up just calling her.”

To read the full interview you can buy it on the Q Magazine app now or order it to get a hard copy.

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