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Exclusive: Noel Gallagher Interview

Good news Oasis fans!!

As well as his now award winning tour correspondence, Noel Gallagher has given an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW to while on the band's European tour.

With their new single 'Falling Down' available to download on March 8th and in stores March 9th and an international tour well underway, we were given the opportunity to interview Noel on a wide range of subjects.

There's great news for you fans in Australia and Russia and there's news on the band's post tour plans.

Talking to the site, The Chief revealed his views on Dizzee Rascal, Ricky Hatton and current wardrobe. As well as finally putting an end to the rumours of Liam's break dancing career outside Kwik Save!

Q) Do the band plan on visiting South America, New Zealand, Australia and Russia on the current tour?

A) Not sure about New Zealand, but we’re definitely playing in Australia and Russia.

Q) Dizzee Rascal has said he would like to collaborate with you on a track, would you ever consider working with him?

A) Maybe. I don’t really give much thought to collaborations, etc. Saying that, Dizzee seems like a cool-kat to me and I did like that tune ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp’, so you never know, eh?

Q) Does it still feel special when you walk on stage for the first time at a venue such as Madison Square Garden, or is it all part of the routine, sort of been there done that for you guys?

A) Without sounding like a cliché, it feels special every night to me. I’m constantly amazed by the amount of people who want to see us whether that be in America or anywhere else. It’s something I never take for granted.

Q) You have used Rhys Ifans, Robert Carlise and James Cunningham on some of your videos to date. Are there any other actors/actress you would like to use in one of your videos.

A) Who’s James Cunningham? I don’t really get involved in the production side of videos as I see the whole medium as a major pain in my arse-hole. It would be up to whatever director we were using at that time.

Q) A big part of the fan base including myself holds 'Be Here Now' in high regard, why was 'My Big Mouth' dropped from the setlist?

A) I felt the set was too long. Nothing to do with the song. We do rehearse it every day though. Hopefully we’ll find a spot for it soon.

Q) Will there be any changes to the set-list for the upcoming UK stadium tour?

A) I’d like to think so. We’ve been rehearsing: ‘My Big Mouth’, ‘Half The World Away’, ‘Bag It Up’, and the alternative version of ‘The Turning’ (the one on the bonus CD from that box-set thing). Unfortunately, as Romeo doesn’t do sound-checks, it’s almost impossible to change anything. I’m guessing it’ll probably fall to me to try some acoustic numbers. We’ll have to wait and see.

Q) Who's the better live band? Oasis in 2009 or Oasis in 1994?

A) Not for me to say, is it? I didn’t see Oasis in ’94 and I haven’t seen us in ’09. You would have a more valid opinion on that kind of thing.

Q) It's rumoured that Liam used to break dance outside Kwik Save before being in a band. Was he good? Can he still do it?

A) Break dance? Liam? Not bloody likely!

Q) For a band with such a great tradition of B-Sides, why did the first two singles from 'Dig Out Your Soul' feature only remixes?

A) I just thought that most of the new songs lent themselves to remixes. Most of which are amazing. There’s a new remix of ‘Falling Down’ coming out soon by the Amorphous Androgynous which is absolutely incredible. All 22 mins of it!! There’s also a brand new original song, which is somewhat predictably brilliant.

Q) You turned a lot of Oasis fans onto Russell Brand, do you miss the radio show and are there any plans to be involved with him and Matt Morgan again?

A) Yes. I miss the show itself, not just my involvement in it (which was never quite defined!). Those two are without question two of the most brilliantly funny little men I ever did meet. I miss hearing their ridiculous voices on the radio. The fact that that show was taken off air is evidence of what a fuckin’ embarrassing shit-hole England has become. THERE-FUCK-YOU-I-SAID-IT!! There are plans to do something. It’s not for me to discuss here though.

Q) You've hinted in several interviews that you may do a solo album, are there any concrete plans and if so, when do you think it might come out?

A) The only concrete plans I have for next year is for a very long holiday.

Q) At what point did you realise just how influential you were? After going from playing 'toilets' to Knebworth in barely 3 years, did it pass you by just how much you achieved or was there a moment you took a step back and realised how big Oasis had become.

A) I’m not that pretentious to ever sit back and think like that. I live in the present, as much as possible. Obviously when re-living past glories for a journalist (who incidentally are seemingly unable to forget the past) I’m aware of what we did. But at the time, I was far too busy living it to think about it. I’m only really aware of it now.

Q) You had a masterplan for how the band would become the biggest in Great Britain (if not the world), was actually doing it easier or harder than you first imagined?

A) Easy. Too easy, in fact. Saying that, all the hard work had been done between ’89-’93 when I wrote most of the first 3 albums.

Q) Are there any older songs you've simply forgot how to play? E.G. Could you play Hey Now or Cloudburst on the spot now?

A) I could probably play them all, given 5 mins. I was playing ‘Hey Now’ a couple of days ago at the sound-check in Toulouse. And ‘Rocking Chair’ and ‘Digsy’s Dinner’ and ‘Take Me Away’. I sometimes do a few old ‘uns if we finish sound-checking early.

Q) Are there any covers you've tried to do that just didn't work?

A) Yep, fuckin’ loads. I couldn’t list them all. One that sticks in the memory is ‘Eleanor Rigby’. Couldn’t find the right key for my voice.

Q) Are there any plans for a double-album? And how many songs out of the rumoured 66 written for 'Don't Believe The Truth' might still get an airing?

A) Not really into double albums. I can only really think of one that’s any good, that being ‘The White Album’. I think that with iTunes etc., there would be no point. As for the 66 songs? We didn’t say there was 66 good songs!

Q) What's the worst idea presented to you for one of your videos?

A) They’re all ludicrous ideas. I fuckin’ hate doing videos. I understand they’re a necessary evil, but still…utterly soul destroying. I didn’t join a band to be in a video. A Kaiser Chief I am not. Sadly, I think it’s probably why we haven’t become as huge in the States as Coldplay or U2.

Q) Where did you get your green jacket? And who is it by? (CLICK HERE)

A)’s made by Stone Island. And I got it in their shop on Beak Street, London Town. It was a sample. Never seen another one like it.

Q) How did it feel to be in the ring in Vegas with Ricky Hatton?

A) Wow! Amazing. I was nervous for him. It’s mad being that close to something you only ever see on TV. When wots’iz’name done the “Let’s get ready to rumble” business, that WAS fuckin’ mental. Glad he won though. We’d planned an almighty piss-up spanning 2 continents after and no one had taken into account what would happen if he lost! God bless Ricky. He’s a fuckin’ top lad.

Q) Is touring in 2009 as fun as it was in 1994?

A) Yes. More so for me. ’94 was an absolute hurricane. But you can only live it like that for so long (and I think we all know what I’m talking about). If I was doing now, what I was doing then, I’d consider myself a fuckin’ joke.

Thanks for the questions.

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Special thanks to Big Brother Recordings and Ignition for arranging the interview on the sites behalf and of course Noel for taking the time to do it.

Oasis' new single 'Falling Down' is available to download on March 8th and in stores March 9th, click HERE to Pre-order the single.